Friday, November 29, 2013

What I've been doing

Hi, sorry I've been away for so long. I ran into some technical issues with Blogger not rendering my posts well in addition to my own general lethargy.

I've also been contemplating moving my "headquarters" to a different site with an easier name and url since I have a feeling that this is part of why I don't get many hits (well, that and seldom ever posting lol). I'll always be proud of myself for this absolutely brilliant title pun, but it was likely a bad choice in terms of visibility.

Other than that, my new youtube channel has been going swimmingly (pun intended)! I've done twenty something narrations of creepypasta and classic horror so far and they all seem to have gone over pretty well at least among my friends from CPN!

Here's my latest as of this writing:

On a related note: as you may have noticed, in the wake of the Slimebeast/MrCreepyPasta kerfuffle at CPN* I've added a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license to all my stories. So, please go ahead and spread them, narrate them, make money off them, line your birdcages with them, whatever- as long as you always tell people that you got it from me and link them to the post.

Personally, I want people like MCP to make a bit of Google Adsense money off my stuff. Narrations are hard work (as I've found from experience), and he could make one of my stories look far better than I ever could. Besides, I doubt that a jump from "online creepypasta superstar" to "traditionally (not self-) published author" is really possible for the foreseeable future. I fully expect to start from scratch if I ever want to write big boy books (I'm not trying to be bitter here, just realistic).

I'm also something of a believer in Gene Roddenberry's dream of a voluntarily moneyless society (wherein, for example, someone like MCP wouldn't have to chose between doing what he loves and making a living) and what better place for quixotic social experimentation than on the internet!

No offense to those who think differently. I can understand their reasoning, but I also have mine.

 On a different note, I've also been involved in a spirited little forum discussion on just what the word "creepypasta" should mean. Check it out.

That's all for now and I hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Thanksgiving!

*I know I was a bit mean to Slimebeast when I first posted in that thread. That was wrong of me and Slimebeast if you're reading this, I respect you and apologize even though I disagree with you.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Marriage is now only for the wealthy, apparently.

I admit that I'm a sucker for a straight-up commitment song like this. But the constant high-end product placement just kind of blurs the line between romantic gesture and Michael C. Fina commercial. Jason Derulo is hardly the first to do this, but somehow he makes it seem especially sleezy here with his earnest crooning.

"I have to admit, this blatant commercialization of music dealing with matters of the heart bothers me a little," he said being his usual late-to-the-party self. That's me, not Jason Derulo, btw.

Also, the line, "I swear that I will mean it. I say, "Will you marry me?" just cracks me up. As opposed to all the times he didn't mean it when he proposed? Is he Emily Browning in Sleeping Beauty now?

But if I guess if we can all still have maze hair and abs from Hell when we're sixty-something, that makes up for the materialism somehow. At least we know that the lady someday gets down off that piano. She looked bored up there.

Monday, September 23, 2013

World of Warcraft and Plague Reactions

I saw this essay/story on the Tumblr of a new friend. I've never been a World of Warcraft player, so I had no idea that this ever happened. She gives a pretty interesting account of how real players responded to a massive, semi-planned in-game "plague" in 2005.

As it turns out, my friend was not the only person to notice the potential educational use of the "Corrupted Blood Incident." Apparently its possible real world applications in studies of epidemics and of terrorist activity have both garnered academic attention.

From what little I've skimmed on the topic so far, it seems that the main downside which all the experts point out is the fact that death in a video game is always going to be lower stakes than death in real life (especially in a fantasy setting in which raising the dead is a common occurrence). Therefore, a video game can never be a perfect model of real world human behavior.

Yet I wonder if this situation could be made more applicable to real life. I know that one of WoW's main attractions for repeat playing is that chance, if ever so slight, of getting a super rare item or weapon.*

What if Blizzard Entertainment were to tweak the game a bit? If dying of an infection like Corrupted Blood would lead to the permanent inability to acquire some sought after relic, that might be enough of a simulation of real world death to appeal to some players. I don't know enough about the psychology of an MMO to say if loss of only an item would be enough to approximate real world death for everyone though and that's the key issue. I doubt it would, somehow.

The only other option I can think of would be an in-game disease that bans you for a year, but I doubt that Blizzard would be willing to run a campaign like that! Hackers could probably easily work around it, too.

Anyway, thank you, Razil for writing on this. I'm always interested in seeing more ways in which games can teach us about reality and human behavior.

*Or a fabled weapon like the Ashbringer sword that may or may not even be in the game. I have no idea how I came to know that as a nonplayer lol.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

This blog is not dead

Sorry about the lack of updates. I've mostly just been tired and not feeling well.

The submission period has opened up at so I've been cleaning up all the stories on here and sending them in. I'm a little embarrassed at some of the amateurish editing mistakes I left on some of them...

Hopefully better posts coming soon. I am working on a new story as well.

Here's some Sydney Laurence, one of Alaska's greatest painters.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Creepypasta- Doctor Carney's Thesis

           Does anybody here ever watch those online TED Talks?

Friday, September 13, 2013

A micro Disney rant

Can we please stop with all the fashionable Disney hatred already?

Yes, I know they've done and continue to do some shitty things as a company (as has just about every company in the world). Yes, I'm sure that Escape from Tomorrow will be an interesting movie chock full of juicy dirt if it ever sees distribution. I hope to watch it one day.

But can we please remember that Disney corporate and Disney legal are not necessarily synonymous with the thousands of talented people who work for the company nor with the artistic integrity of their output?

That's all, really.